About Us

The company Ferro Keš was founded in 2001, with its registered office in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina (RODOČ bb – Free Zone Herzegovina). The main business activities of the company Ferro Keš are as follows:

  • Wire mesh manufacturing
  • Concrete ribbed steel processing (cutting, bending, dimensioning and positioning as per client’s design)
  • Pile cages manufacturing (with or without a steel pipe)
  • Transport

Our annual production capacity exceeds 50.000,00 t of wire mesh and more than 30.000,00 t of bent and cut iron prepared for installation. Our company derives its strength from its experts and highly qualified personnel who, using the most modern technology, secure competitiveness and recognisability of our company at the European market. The motor vehicle pool of more than 20 hauliers also provides a significant advantage and secures a timely delivery of our products, thus enabling our clients to perform the construction works in a faster and high quality manner. Ferro Keš operates under European standards and is ISO 9001 certified. Wire mesh is manufactured on an automatic and semi-automatic line, which requires minimum manpower and results in maximum production capacity. Machines are highly flexible and quickly adjustable to manufacture of various types of meshes, depending on the needs of our clients and the market. Wire meshes are attested and certified in accordance with European standards EN10080/2005, B500A quality, and are covered by a Constancy of Performance Certificate issued by the INSTITUTA IGH under the reference number: 1/05-ZGP-1724. Apart from standard wire meshes, Ferro Keš also produces meshes of specific dimensions and profiles, thus meeting all of our client’s requirements. More than 60% of the production is exported to the neighbouring countries. Owing to modern automatic and semi-automatic machines, we are capable of securing quick and quality delivery of cut and bent iron as designed by a client, and producing pile cages of all dimensions under European standards. We have made a significant step forward over the last years working on the highway construction projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in Croatia. In the process, not only that we increased our production capacity, but we also expanded the production assortment to include the tunnel remenati, SN anchors. The company’s main goal is to supply our clients with the quality products and first-rate services which are to surpass the expectations of the most demanding clients.